Well I arrived in Napoli Italy safely after a realy nice flight on a monster Airbus 380 plane. WOW what an enormous plane. Very quiet with great compression. So we arrived a little late. I had 35 minutes to catch my connecting flight to Napoli which of course was a smaller plane, but because we were late, and the connection was in a different terminal I missed it by 5 minutes. I ran like a dog to make it and of course in Paris on the connecting flights you often need to take a bus out to the plane. Anyway I ran to gate  only to miss the bus. I was soaked as my carry on bag was heavy and must have ran a mile. What a drag. Anyway I waited 2 hours to take a flight to Rome. No problem for me but the ride picking me up had to drive all the way to Rome to get me 2.5 hours. Either way I made and rehearsed today and ate that amazing Bufallo mozarella cheese. Start recording tomorrow.