Well I just finished three days of recording as a guest artist on Italian bass player Luigi Ruberti CD project here in Napoli Italy. It is a dedication to legendary pianist Bill Evans and has tunes like “Very Early”, “We Will Meet Again”, and many other great Bill Evans compositions all thoughtfully arranged with great purpose by Luigi Ruberti, and I assisted him with many reharmonization and rhythm section arrangements. The musicians Mimmo Napolitano, and Giuseppe La Pusata are excellent especially the trumpet player Gianfranco Campognoli. He is only 32 years old and he just knocked me out. This kid flat out plays his ass off. Great tone, time,  incredible technique, big heart and emotion, and is deeply rooted in the jazz language. Straight out of Freddy Hubbard and Woody Shaw, Clifford Brown etc. He can really spell the stuff out correctly. He is like a young Joe Magnarelli who is one of  my favorites.  Most have never heard of him , but you will eventually, This type of talent cannot remain a secret forever. All in all a great experience for me as a guest artist I was featured a lot. Tutto bene!!!!