Museo Di Napoli

Well, I just returned from Italy and all I can say is I have been blessed to be able continue good health and to play the music I love. I have lost many friends and musicians who have my utmost respect, and I continue to think of them as I travel. I cried on the plane returning to New York yesterday with happiness as the feeling I get from being appreciated as a musician is overwhelming. I thought of how proud my mother( a star operatic soprano destroyed by cancer) 23 years ago would be of me if she could see me now. I feel I am making impact and leaving a message each and every time I play. So with all this emotion flowing through me about my family, children, and life in general,  I turned my ipod on and listened to a tune  written by Joel Weiskopf who has quickly become one of my favorite musicians and composers on this planet. He is very religious and his music speaks of this. I listened to his tune “Giving Thanks”, and I just broke down crying with happiness as the combination of music and emotion just knocked me out. My final concert in Italy on this past 2 weeks was at the Museo Di Archeologico in Napoli Italy. About 300 people were there to watch me perform with the Luigi Ruberti 5tet as a guest artist. Afterwards about 50 or more people just attacked me to buy my CD’s,  and have me autograph them as well as take pictures with them individually. I was overwhelmed with happiness and it took me nearly an hour to finish all these peoples requests. Thank you god for giving me this ability to communicate with the music. I deeply appreciate everything I have in my life. I promise to continue to practice and work hard to make my craft even stronger, as I just want to leave a strong message of love and gratitude when I perform. This is what I live for. Above are several pictures from the last concert. A fantastic two weeks in Italy. I can’t wait to return in late February.

Mark being attacked by fans after the concert

Mimmo Napolitano, Luigi Ruberti, and Gianfranco Campognoli