Dr. Ed Joffe, Joel Weiskopf , Pete McGuiness, Roseanna Vitro, Joe Magnarelli, Tim Horner, Andy Eulau Bobby Malach, Mark Sherman, Allen Farnham. and Paul Meyers. On December 14th I took the red eye from San Jose California to New York City just in time to go home for 1 hour, and go out to New Jersey City University where I have been teaching for the last 3 years. I felt it was very important to basically go with no sleep for 24 hours, to make it to the final semester juries for all the jazz students at NJCU. Of course 5 of the students are mine, but the rest study with the professors above. Our fearless leader Ed Joffe has built a tremendous jazz department, as he has surrounded himself with an incredible faculty of professors, who all put their individual hearts into this program. I am sure anyone of these teachers would have done the same thing I did to honor their commitment to the program. Personally I love to give to these students everything I have, with my 30-35 years of professional experience, Juilliard education, and vast touring experience. I know Ed Joffe has done the same with his countless years of dedication to the program, and as a Juilliard graduate as well feels very strong about this program, as when both Ed and I attended Juilliard, there was no jazz program. Now of course they have a thriving jazz program, but NJCU is right there with all the top programs in the New York area offering great private instruction, combos, big band, and many jazz masters coming to do master classes and performances with the NJCU big band. I highly recommend this program for all aspiring jazz students. You get a great jazz education at NJCU!! Bravo Dr. Ed Joffe!!