Well it has been a strange run of gigs this week after spending 3 weeks on the road playing my own music. Thursday night I played at a new place that is having jazz in Yonkers. It is called the Pizza Place. It is owned and operated by Ron Masciandaro who is actually a graduate of the Berklee School Of Music in Boston. He plays some piano and has this really good pizza place that also serves other Italian dishes. I played there with my piano tuner Victor Lagamma, a long time friend. He happens to be a nice writer and plays very well. Anyway I have been encouraging him for years to get out and play more. Well he took me up on it and he called me for a gig. I got my buddy and band mate Tim Horner on the gig as well. We had a nice time. I played  alot of vibes and sold a bunch of CD’s to a very invigorated and appreciative crowd of 50 people. This morning Saturday morning I went down to the APAP convention at the New York Hilton, and I did a sound check playing drums for this singer from LA who is showcasing at the convention. Her name is Tish Oney and she sings really well. I got the call for that gig because of my good friend and colleague John Chiodini from the west coast. He is the MD for her. She is doing a show of Peggy Lee’s music. It just so happens that John Chiodini , and myself both spent 7 years touring, and 4 CD’s recorded with the Peggy Lee Quintet with Mike Renzi (who got me the gig in my 20’s), Jay Leonhart, Grady Tate. So Tish Oney had two musicians who spent alot of time with Peggy Lee. Paul Beaudry of New York’s finer  bass players joined us in Tish’s band. It was pretty nice considering we only had 20 minutes to perform, but I hope Trish gets some nice gigs out of it. I enjoyed her. So we finished the gig and I walked out into the hallway at the Hilton and I ran into 20 people I knew. Bryan Carrott, one of worlds best vibraphonists, who I went to high school with. I have the utmost respect for Bryan as a musician. He is an excellent player. Very soulful. Ran into John Benitez, and Lonnie Plaxico also. Lots of todays finest were a this APAP convention. It was a zoo. Tomorrow I have to teach a student and play percussion at the matinee of “Ragtime” the Broadway musical. It is the last show as it is closing tomorrow, but I committed to sub and cover for my friend Charlie Descarfino a long time ago as he has another important gig. It will be my first gig on Broadway in more than a year as all I do is play jazz these days. It is quite a crazy weekend of musical variety.