Well I arrived safely from Napoli Italy- Geneva CH and waited at the Geneva airport for my New York rhythm section of Allen Farnham, Dean Johnson, and Tim Horner. The snow in New York forced cancellations, and thanks to Dean Johnson’s alertness regarding the potential snowstorm who got everyone rebooked on another flight through London. As it turned out it snowed 2 feet in New York. Anyway they arrived at Geneva airport after a 17 hour ordeal that should have taken around 8 hours. We rested a few hours, and went to a sound check at AMR in Geneva, where we had a 9:30 concert. The band played 2 very strong sets. We were well received by a nice crowd and I picked up a student for the next morning. A little extra money.

Saturday morning we caught the train to Lausanne CH, which has over the last 5 years become one of my favorite venues. Same routine, we rested and later went to the sound check and the concert. I don’t know what it is about Lausanne CH. I am so well received there. It is my 4th time in 4 four years playing there. Both sets were sold out completely and I sold many CD’s and greeted many old friends. Jean Claude Rochat is the owner of Chorus, and he runs a great venue. The music is first at this club. The stage sounds, and feels great for me. I always hear myself well there. The crowd was just out of control, screaming at us with applause. I was overwhelmed with excitement. Back in the hotel much later around 3am I was reflecting upon the fact that, doing concerts like tonight for an overly responsive audience is what my dream has been since I was 13 or 14 years old. To be appreciated for what you do. Anyway it will be a tough performing environment to beat for the remainder of the tour.  Jean Claude Rochat has also asked the band to return to Lausanne next year for two nights and a recording of a live CD. Musically the band has been tighter, and looser than ever before after 4 CD’s, 1 DVD, and 6 years of touring. It is really a “BAND”!

Flight to Hamburg tomorrow to continue the tour.

Jean Claude Rochat

Allen Farnham

Mark Sherman

Dean Johnson

Tim Horner