Here is a really amazing thing that happened to me tonight. I came home to get my daughter and her friend Katherine to take them out to dinner as my wife was working, so I picked them up and we walked down to Johnson Avenue in Riverdale New York and went to this Chinese restaurant Golden Gate that my father took me to when I was 2 years old. Only 50 years ago. Well Golden Gate changed owners about a year ago and it is not quite the same and the new owners try too hard to please. Well here is what happened. My daughter’s friend Katherine is Chinese, and she is adopted. Her mother is French and her father is American. The owner of the resteraunt comes over to see if everything is OK and starts asking questions to Katherine. ” Oh your Chinese. Is your mother Chinese? Katherine says NO!. “Is your father Chinese? I said NO!. The lady walks away. Then 10 minutes later the male waiter comes over and starts again with the same questions. Is your mother Chinese?  NO . Is your father Chinese? NO

I turned to waiter and exploded. “Excuse me. What the fuck are you asking so many questions for?  This is none of your god damn business. Go over there and get my check, we are leaving”. Anyway I am sure it made Katherine who is all of  7 years old feel quite uncomfortable. She handled it very well and as we left said to me. “That made me feel uncomfortable.” I said it made me uncomfortable as well. These people were very nice but in there stupid way, they were trying so hard to be nice they asked questions that instantly became offensive and made a 7 year old little girl feel kind of bad about the fact that she is adopted. A lesson in being oh so careful with everything you say to people, whether you know them or they are just strangers as was the case here. Quite stupid however of these people who worked in the resteraunt. There are millions of Chinese children that have been adopted in this country. You would think that a Chinese person who barely speaks English would have a feeling for this. Anyway I was very upset with the whole incident as I displayed to the waiter. I scared the shit out of him with my explosion. I just felt bad for the kid and could not believe how ignorant these people were.

Anyway a good lesson in being careful what you say everywhere you go, in emails, on the phone, ANYWHERE!!