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The Mark Sherman/TIm Horner Quartet

Great concert at Smalls the other night with The Mark Sherman / TIm Horner Quartet that is going to Russia and Asia with the Rhythm Road tour sponsored by Jazz At Lincoln Center and the US State Department. If the other night’s concert is any indicator of the level of the music then we should have an amazing month abroad. The music will certainly take off on this tour. We will need to record after the tour as we will be so tight and the music will have lived through 30-40 concerts.

Jim Ridl is one of the most talented musicians I have come across. His soloing is really great, with an innovative rhythmic approach, and a vast array of harmonic language tools that he uses, however his writing is truly amazing. We have been playing 3 or 4 of his tunes that are really special compositions. He captures the deeper meaning of defining an experience or concept through the music.

Tom Dicarlo is a very supportive bass player who plays very in tune and rhythmical correct. A really nice soloist as well. His tune “Can you Tell Me A Story” is becoming a centerpiece for the band. It has very little jazz soloing but the melody and the chords, mixed with the general mood set by this piece makes it a special part of our show.

And my headlining partner Tim Horner is just simply a musical genius on the drums, as well as a great composer. He has written several tunes that we do “You Are The Song”, and “Line Of The Salesman”. Both tunes are derived from well know song forms, but Tim has cleverly re-invented the melodies for these forms and made them his own. This is something I often do in my writing which is to take the well known song farms that the great masters like Parker, Coltrane, Miles, Tadd Dameron, Cole Porter used and disguise them and turn them into my own. It is difficult to reinvent the music as these past masters have taken it to the top level, and most musicians today are still trying to catch up to the foundation and innovations that the above mentioned masters brought to the music. This is one tour I am truly looking forward to. #rhythmroad