Eddie Mendenhall

Listen to a cut from the session  Protocal

I just spent 4 days in California last weekend with Eddie Mendenhall, a very talented pianist and composer from Monterey. It turned out to be just a fantastic weekend as I played Friday night and Saturday night with Eddie as an organ trio, and Sunday’s concert was quartet with Eddie playing piano and Dan Robbins on bass, with Billy Jones on drums . First half of the concert I was a guest artist with the Monterey Peninsula College Jazz big band and the second half we played quartet. Anyway there was very appreciative crowd and I sold a bunch of CD’s. Later that night I went with Billy Jones and his wife to a party in Pebble Beach where they had a beautiful Kawai grand piano perfectly tuned with a bass player and drummer waiting, and they insisted of course that I play a few tunes. I had a nice time playing the piano and running through a few standards while looking at the beautiful view of the Pacific Ocean. Incredible house! Monday was an absolutely fantastic recording session with Akira Tana, John Schifflet,Eddie Mendenhall, and myself doing Eddie’s tunes, one of mine, and a few standards for Eddie’s CD project. The music was amazing. It was an honor to be part of it!