A full house at the Marine club in Nahodka Russia last night inspired a kick-ass performance by the quartet. The music was intense, emotional, and flat out burning. The crowd was really responsive and gracious. It is the reason I do this. The feeling of a crowd that loves you is the greatest feeling one can have after 35 years of commitment the art of improvisation. We played 7 tunes and then a beautiful encore to a standing ovation. Four huge bouquets of flowers were brought up to the stage for the quartet when we were taking our bows. We gave the flowers to our host Evghenia who has been treating us beautifully for the entire trip. It was all worth the 3.5 hour drive to Nahodka from Vladivostok and back. The people are very warm and seem to be so happy we are here bringing our music.

Tomorrow we play our final concert in Russia at the large philharmonic hall here. I expect it to be a highly emotional performance as always for all of us musicians. Personally I have had a great time here in Russia, although I am happy I live in the US, as life seems more difficult for the people over here.