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My new book “Skills For The Poetic Language Of Jazz Improvisation” with School and Career Guidance is officially out and available at the below links. I feel really great about this book as it not only covers many great drills and elements for developing your jazz improvisation, but it digs deeply into how to obtain an actual career doing it. There is a lot of info about the many different facets of the music business. Things young players need to know about the different possibilities in the business. Guidance I wish I had when I was entering the business out of school. The do’s and don’ts are very important. Truthfully it is not enough to just master the language. It is equally important to learn about the many resources, and pieces of guidance to help you make a career of it. It is a bit pointless to learn all the music and then not be able to reach an audience with it. I highly recommend picking up this book to all intermediate, and advanced students. 

Here is the back cover:

The poetic language of jazz improvisation is a most fascinating art form. I personally have been challenged by this music for over 40 years. It is a life commitment to master these skills. It is the freedom of jazz that really attracted me to it. As opposed to classical music in which the notes are clearly defined. I loved the fact that I could drive the direction of the music with my ideas, and I was able to create the notes rather than just others written notes. I just needed to find a way to get stronger on the harmonic elements needed to play jazz well. It took many years of practice and listening to the masters to get this system to a point where I felt right about releasing it publicly. That time has come, and I feel very strongly that the effects of this system, and book will be very positive for your playing if you commit to the drills.

In this book you will find many drills on various different elements of harmonic content. These elements drilled the way I have prescribed will enlarge your palette of language, and enable your improvisation. After more than 30 years pondering a system for teaching the poetic language of jazz, I have finally compiled many of the elements and drills into a systematic approach to learning the language skills needed to improve ones interpretation of the music, and the negotiation of the chord changes. If you practice these drills religiously, your playing will take another shape, and have a very symmetrical and purposeful approach.