Today is my stepfather’s 97th birthday. His name is Louis Ainsberg. He was born and raised in the Bronx New York over near University Ave close to Yankee Stadium. His parents were super Orthodoxed Jews who also lived into their 90’s. Lou was a PSAL High School track star, and Baseball player, raised wrapping Tephilan Very religious family. He attended Yeshiva University in New York, and then NYU Law School. Played shortstop for minor league baseball for a short moment but was not permitted to play on Friday nights and Saturday so he did not continue. He became a lawyer. Chief of Special Term at the Bronx Supreme Court for 35 years. Anyway today he lives a quiet life in Boca Raton, and at 97 this morning I spoke to him on his birthday, and he sounds so alive. He had just gotten back from the golf course and had played with a foursome of men in their 70’s, and 80’s. He came in second place and he is 97. It is truly amazing to witness. He was a fantastic golfer at one time. He has lost distance of course because of age, but he still hits em straight. He taught me as his stepson how to develop a swing in golf. He used to hit in the low 70’s. He is the only individual I know that legitimately shot his or her age. When he was 84, I witnessed him shooting an 83 at Van Cortlandt Golf Course in New York City. Amazing! He also had bowled a perfect game!!300

Lou attributes his long age and great health to the fact that he has never, and I mean never smoked, drank, taken any medication at all, not even aspirin with a headache. Only took the medication that doctors prescribed for him at various points in his life. Always excercised. He used to run me around on the tennis court when he was in his 70’s.

Unfortunately for me I don’t have his genetic breakdown, as he is my stepfather not real blood. But he came into my life and raised me, and helped to guide me really well along with my opera singer mother Edith Gordon, my heart and soul comes from her. Lou brought culture and sports into my life a lot as he was a Cantor for the High Holy Services yearly when I was growing up. He would do it for the extra money, but he was really good at it, loved to sing, and was in demand with different temples to do the services.

Anyway I just wanted to say something great about a friend of mine who happens to be my stepfather, and I am thrilled to say it now while he is alive and tearing up Woodfield country club golf course. So many times we must say these things when it is too late and the person has translated. Lou looks like he has another 10 years at least.

Should be on 60 Minutes! Or Real Sports!